Annual report 2013

Key trends and detailed statistics, a report on the Office's strategy and activities, plus a video message from Benoît Battistelli

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European patent filings

Roughly a third (35 %) of the total filings in 2013 came from the EPO member states and two-thirds (65 %) from outside Europe. The top five countries of origin were again the US, Japan, Germany, China and South Korea.

In Europe, after Germany, the top filing nations were France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.

The US and Japan consolidated their shares in EPO filings at high levels, whereas China and South Korea again showed the steepest increases among the large economies, and made up a growing proportion of the total filings.

European patent filings per country of origin1

Filings 2013 (JPG)

1 Direct European filings under the EPC and International filings under the PCT 

Detailed raw data as Excel sheets

Filings 2004-2013 per country of residence of the applicant

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