Annual report 2013

Key trends and detailed statistics, a report on the Office's strategy and activities, plus a video message from Benoît Battistelli

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Granted patents

The EPO granted 66 700 patents in 2013, the highest number ever in its history and 1.6 % more than in 2012. Most patents went to US companies, followed by applicants from Germany, Japan, France and Switzerland. The share of rants to European companies increased to just over 50 % (2012: 49 %) of the total, led by growing numbers of grants to the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy. The number of patents granted to Chinese companies is growing rapidly, albeit from a low number.

Granted patents (2013)1  

Granted patents 2013 (JPG)

1 Analysis based on granted patents in 2013. Patents have been allocated to the country of residence of the first named patentee

More detailed data as Excel sheets

Granted patents 2004-2013 per country of residence of the applicant

Granted patents 2004-2013 per field of technology

Granted patents per field of technology and per country of residence for each individual year from 2004 until 2013

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