Jahresbericht 2013

Die wichtigsten Trends und ausführliche Statistiken, ein Bericht über die Strategie des Amts und seine Tätigkeiten sowie eine Videobotschaft von Benoît Battistelli


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Samsung again headed the list of the largest applicants at the EPO in 2013, followed by Siemens and Philips. Among the ten most active filers, five companies came from Europe, three from Asia, and two from the US. The majority of these companies work in the electronics and IT sectors.

Top applicants seeking protection with the EPO in 20131

Top applicatns 2013 (JPG)

1 Based on European patent applications filed with the EPO

More detailed data as PDF and as Excel sheets

Top 100 applicants

Top 25 applicants per leading field of technology

Please note: The consolidation process used may lead to some discrepancies with the lists in previous years.

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