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Selection process

Here are the basic steps in the selection process for a position at the EPO:

Step 1:

Fill out the online application form included as a link in each vacancy notice. You will receive confirmation by e-mail that your application has been received.

Step 2:

After the closing date, a selection board goes through the applications and decides which candidates to invite for interview (N.B. patent examiner recruitment is ongoing and has no closing dates).

Step 3:

Shortlisted candidates are interviewed at the EPO site to which they applied. The interview evaluates

  1. their language skills and
  2. whether they have the professional skills required.

As part of the selection procedure, candidates might also be asked to sit tests.

Step 4:

The selection board usually recommends one or more candidates as suitable for the post in question. The final decision is taken by or on behalf of the President of the EPO.

Step 5:

The selected candidate receives a job offer by post. The offer is conditional on passing a medical examination conducted by a local doctor at the EPO site where the candidate was interviewed.

Final confirmation of recruitment is also dependent on passing a pre-employment screening check. This process is compulsory for all new recruits, who cannot start work at the EPO until it has been completed.

Screening begins as soon as the selected candidate has passed the medical examination, accepted our conditional job offer and provided us with a Letter of Authorisation to start the process.


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