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  • Computer security, computer access control
  • Computer input devices and computer-human interactions including graphical user interfaces
  • Protocols/buses inside a computer and I/O interface protocols/buses
  • Database technology: query optimisation, concurrency control, indexing and storage structures, federated and distributed databases, databases for semistructured data, database models
  • Input/Output devices (I/O)
  • Computer power management
  • Hierarchical memory systems 
  • Object oriented programming 
  • Distributed system architecture 
  • Operating systems and software execution mechanisms
  • Databases, data mining, data retrieval
  • UCI (User Computer Interaction)
  • Medical informatics: computer algorithms and computer hardware in health care
  • Computer systems utilizing
    knowledge based models:
    rules based systems, rules
    engines and maintenance,
    expert systems
  • Machine learning: adaptive
    computer programme
  • Touch screen manufacturing and hardware (for computer input/output devices) 

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