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Opportunities in Munich Opportunities in The Hague 
  • Database technology: query optimisation, concurrency control, indexing and storage structures, federated and distributed databases, databases for semistructured data, database models
  • Input/Output devices (I/O) 
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Input/Output devices (I/O)
  • Computer power management
  • Hierarchical memory systems 
  • Object oriented programming 
  • Distributed system architecture, preferably with experience in one or more of 
    • client-server and multi-tier architecture;
    • communication in distributed systems, middleware;
    • APIs and frameworks;
    • web technologies;
    • distributed enterprise applications;
    • security in distributed systems.
    • payment and transaction processing systems
  • Operating systems and software execution mechanisms
  • Databases, data mining, data retrieval
  • HCI (Human Computer Interface)
  • Error detection and correction, monitoring
  • Handling/checking primarily of coins and paper currency (general knowledge in physics, electronics, computing and chemistry required)

Currently there are no opportunities in Berlin.

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