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Electrical and electronic technology

Posts are offered for electrical, electromechanical or electronic engineers, preferably with experience, in the following fields:

Opportunities in The Hague 
Opportunities in Munich
  • Dynamo-electric machines, motors, generators
  • Dynamo-electric converters, brakes, clutches
  • Power electronics
  • Electronic circuits or systems for managing electric power
  • Electric converters, DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC
  • Electric equipment or propulsion/braking of electrical vehicles
  • Antennas
  • Circuit boards - Electrical housing
  • Mass spectrometers / Ion sources
  • Amplifiers
  • Circuit arrangements for electric lighting, eg arc lamps, O-LED, electroluminescent light sources, etc
  • Systems for controlling or regulating non-electric, eg. force, speed, flow, pressure, light, humidity etc 
  • Satellite navigation systems (GNSS)

Currently there are no opportunities in Berlin.

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