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Project Co-ordinator for Building Projects in The Hague (NRC/5696)

The European Patent Office in The Hague is seeking a Project Co-ordinator – Building Projects, The Hague*

in Directorate 4.4.1 - Buildings, Technical Installations and Property
(2-year contract – non-renewable, but 1-year extension possible)

Deadline for applications: 21.9.2014

Building Projects is a department within Directorate 4.4.1 (Buildings, Technical Installations and Property), which is responsible for operating and developing the EPO’s buildings and their technical installations.

It is looking for a Project Co-ordinator to manage structural and technical projects in The Hague.

Reporting to the Director 4.4.1, the successful candidate will thus have to manage, organise, direct and control multi-disciplinary projects, acting as the EPO’s representative for the projects concerned, overseeing performance of the project work, and being responsible for managing its costs in compliance with the EPO’s financial regulations.

Main duties

Demonstrating exemplary behaviour, and upholding and respecting EPO values and regulations, the Project Co-ordinator will:

  • organise, direct and control multi-disciplinary projects
  • be responsible for both new building and renovation projects throughout their entire lifetime, from the first feasibility study until handover
  • provide feasibility studies on request
  • draft mid- and long-term planning meeting the future needs of the EPO and its staff
  • help Technical Services staff in The Hague with internal procurement, legal and finance procedures
  • manage the renting of buildings (e.g. fitting out and preparing for use, also real-estate development – especially with a view to the new data centre)
  • liaise with municipal and other authorities and bodies.

The ideal candidate will have

  • at least eight years’ experience of managing complex projects
  • excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • the ability to work analytically and conceptually
  • experience in preparing decisions and presenting proposals to committees and senior management
  • excellent teamwork and negotiating skills, and the ability to get things done
  • intercultural understanding, international experience (especially in working with staff from different countries) and experience with project work abroad.

Minimum qualifications

Diploma of completed studies at university level from a (technical) university or institute of applied sciences in electric engineering, civil engineering or a similar engineering discipline or - in exceptional cases - equivalent professional experience.

Excellent knowledge of one official language (English, French or German) and ability to understand the other two.

The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of qualifications, supplemented as appropriate by interviews and/or tests.

It is planned to hold the interviews in The Hague in October 2014.

Application until: 21.9.2014

Please apply by sending us your online application

Instructions for online job applications to the European Patent Office

How to get there: directions for the European Patent Office in The Hague

* Grade A4/A1

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