Eurotab secretariat
European Patent Office
Erhardtstr. 27
80469 München

Tel.: +49-89-2399 5244 (Ms C. Rabbetts) or
Tel.: +49-89-2399 5222 (Mr J.F.  Lebesnerais)

Fax: +49-89-2399-5219


European Roundtable on Patent Practice (EUROTAB)

The European Roundtable on Patent Practice was established in 1992 as a mechanism for national offices in the EPC contracting states and the EPO to exchange views and compare approaches on matters of a practical nature concerning the patent grant procedure, both from a substantive and formal point of view.

The aim of EUROTAB is to ensure awareness at the EPO and the EPC contracting states of current issues raised by developments in law and technology and to strive for a harmonised approach amongst the EPO and the national offices on all important areas of practice.

Meetings are held once per year, usually in May, and the venue is rotated throughout the contracting states of the European Patent Organisation. Invitations are issued to all of the national offices as well as to epi, BUSINESSEUROPE and IFIA.

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