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The European Patent

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Members of the SACEPO and Patent Documentation and Information sub-committee

Stephen Adams, ad personam, Magister Ltd., United Kingdom

Philippe Bodart, representing CFIB (Club francophone de l'information brevets), Belgium

Gerold Frers, ad personam, Siemens AG, Germany

Birgitta Gassner, representing epi, REDL Life Science Patent Attorneys, Austria

Hans Geelback Andersen, ad personam, INFOCO SYSTEM A/S, Denmark

Monika Hanelt, representing PDG, Agfa Graphics NV, Belgium

Susan Helliwell, ad personam, Reckitt Benckiser, Legal Department - IP Group, United Kingdom

Peter Indahl, representing epi, Awapatent A/S, Denmark

Bettina de Jong, ad personam, Shell International BV, The Netherlands

Peter Kallas, ad personam, BASF SE, BASF Group Information Center GV/WA - Bau C6, Germany

Aalt van de Kuilen, representing WON (Dutch patent information group), Abbott Healthcare Products B.V., The Netherlands

Tord Langenskiöld, representing epi, Oy Jalo Ant-Wuorinen Ab, Finland

Thomas Lorenz, representing PDG, BASF SE, BASF Group Information Center GV/WA - C006, Germany 

Kristian Luoto, ad personam, Nokia IPR, Finland

Alexander Mullen, representing PDG, Germany

Guido Moradei, representing AIDB (Associazione Italiana Documentalisti Brevettuali), Quaestio - Patent Information Partners srl, Italy

Brian O'Neill, representing epi, FRKelly, Ireland 

Paolo Provvisionato, ad personam, Provvisionato & Co, Italy

Marjolaine Thulin, ad personam, Awapatent AB, Sweden

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