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Members of SACEPO

2012 - 2014 term of office

I. Industry

Dr A. BRAUN (Switzerland)
Mr J. COMBEAU (France)
Mr L. DURÁN (Spain)
Dr R. GOEDEWEECK (Belgium)
Dr F. MACCHETTA (Italy) 
Mr A. PEHAM (Austria)
Mr P. RANTANEN (Finland)
Mr S. ROBERTS (United Kingdom)
Mr L. STEENBEEK (Netherlands)
Mr A. THÜRER (Germany)

II. Professional Representatives

Mr J. BOFF (United Kingdom)
Mr L. BOSOTTI (Italy)
Mr S. LAMPE (Luxembourg)
Ms G. LEIßLER-GERSTL (Germany)
Dr F. LEYDER (Belgium)
Mr C. MERCER (United Kingdom)
Mr A. TANGENA (Netherlands)
Ms M. TEODORESCU (Romania)
Mr A. VIRKKALA (Finland)
Mr S. WRIGHT (United Kingdom)

III. Members appointed "ad personam"

Mr J. BAUVIR (France)
Mr R. BEETZ (Austria)
Mr I. BURNSIDE (United Kingdom)
Mr R. BURT (United Kingdom)
Mr J.-J. CANONICI (Belgium)
Mr D. HILLION (France)
Ms A. KORBELA (Poland)
Mr G. PERRY (Belgium)
Mr E. POPP (Germany)
Dr L. STEILING (Germany)

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