Jeppe Hein


Hein (JPG)Blomsten, 2004

Water, stainless steel, blast pipes, pumps, sensors
max. 230 x Ø 1200 cm
The Hague, forecourt The Hinge
(c) Jeppe Hein; photo: Jörg Koopmann

currently dismantled

Jeppe Hein (*1974 Copenhagen, DK) is the designer of a delicate installation created for the area in front of the EPO's buildings in The Hague. Sunk into the ground, Blomsten (2004), as the piece is called, is shaped like a flower with six stylised petals. The work consists of jets of water concealed in the edges of the petals and uses dense curtains of water to create temporary spaces. Fountains of water leap at random, gushing forth and stopping with equal abruptness, a wind turbine controlling their height in accordance with the strength of the wind. The work's temporal dimension comes from the alternation between visibility and invisibility. Visitor interaction is provided by the curtains of water: as the visitor approaches the jets, the curtains open to allow entry into the space beyond. The water's power is not simply visual in its ability to form spaces; it also has an acoustic dimension based on the sound the water jets create as they leap and rebound. Besides this installation in The Hague, the EPO collection features three more pieces by Hein. His fascination with the phenomena of visual perception, technology and the environment is shared by other Scandinavian artists, such as Olafur Eliasson, AVPD or Tue Greenfort, who also have works in the collection.

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