Nol Hennissen

Hennissen (JPG)

Untitled, 2003
brushed stainless steel, spy mirrors, coloured neon tubes
from 50 x 200 x 140 to 50 x 375 x 140 cm
The Hague, forecourt The Hinge
(c) VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2013; photo: Jörg Koopmann

Like Jeppe Hein, Nol Hennissen (*1964 Roermond, NL) was commissioned to create an artwork for the area in front of the EPO buildings in The Hague. Hennissen's work consists of five sculptural objects that change continually depending on the time of day or night and whether viewed from near or far: during the day, the work appears as five sleek, silvery objects. At nightfall, the appearance of the sculptural group changes as they light up in five different colours. This interplay stems from the artist's fascination with the correspondence between clear-cut geometric shapes and pure colour. The five objects are amorphous in shape and their height and depth make them perfect for use as seats. At close range, they invite the viewer to look inside, offering reflections of the sky. Hennissen thus pays homage to the immensity of Holland's sky, one of the most striking aspects of nature that this country has to offer. In an area dedicated to concentrated, factual work, these artistic benches provide a contemplative space of rest and relaxation.

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