AVPD (JPG)Transparency Black, 2008
PVC film
67 x 86 x 3,5 cm
Munich, stairway
(c) AVPD; photo: courtesy of Galeri Birgitte Kirkhoff, Copenhagen

The work of artist duo AVPD (Aslak Vibæk (*1974 Nyborg, DK) and Peter Døssing (*1974 Juelsminde, DK) focuses on the relationship between man and space. Central to this is the question of how the perception of spatial phenomena works – both for the construction of large-scale installations as well as for small studies on canvas. The three works in the EPO collection belong to a series in which AVPD uses simple means to examine the perception of colour. Sheets of monochrome PVC film - yellow in one picture, black in the other two - are layered one on top of the other, each stack containing a different number of plies, to reveal variations in the opacity of the colour and the emergence of monochrome patterns. The colour play fluctuates depending on the incidence of light and the position of the viewer. Like Jeppe Hein, another artist with works in the EPO collection, AVPD thus belongs to a generation of artists who engage with scientific phenomena and have been influenced by others such as Olafur Eliasson, also represented in the collection.

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