Philippe Decrauzat

Decrauzat (JPG)REM, 2007
Acrylic, emulsion
422 x 3600 cm
(c) Philippe Decrauzat

For several years now Philippe Decrauzat (*1974 Lausanne, CH) has been investigating the physiological phenomenon of "rapid eye movement" or REM. The large 35 x 4 m mural that Decrauzat created for the EPO's viewing gallery engages further with this persistent theme. REM refers to the characteristic movements of the eyes during the dream phase of sleep. This large-scale mural consists of vertical lines on a white background that structure the wall space according to a fluctuating rhythm, thus creating the impression of visualised music. The work's starkly contrasting forms can also produce so-called after-images if we stare at it for an extended period and then close our eyes. Decrauzat's work references the English op artist Bridget Riley, who also has a work in the EPA collection. In op art the role of the viewer is central to the work, for this only becomes complete through the process of reception and at the moment of visual irritation. Decrauzat addresses this way of completing the work at the moment of viewing.

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