Tue Greenfort

Greenfort (JPG)Rain I, 2008
pH indicator strips, rain
70 x 100 cm
(c) Tue Greenfort; courtesy of Galerie Johann König, Berlin; Alexis Zavialoff

Streamers, carnivals, lively parties - such are the images that come to mind when we first set eyes on Tue Greenfort’s paper spirals. But things are never quite as they seem with Greenfort (*1973 Holbæk, DK), and our first impressions are soon shattered when his paper ribbons turn out to be pH strips discoloured by the acid carried in rain. Greenfort frequently engages with the destruction of our habitat, ignorance of environmental problems and the shortage of raw materials, making comments, with often subtle humour, on the attitude of civilisation’s western societies. Greenfort, who has another work on show at the EPO’s Berlin sub-office (Partitur einer Fliege (Spur), 2004 [A Fly’s Composition (Footprints)]), uses the streamers, a symbol of carefree merriment, as a visual warning of acid rain. As in many of his works, Greenfort is using artistic intervention here as an explicit reminder of the self-inflicted destruction of our habitat.

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