Isa Melsheimer

Melsheimer (JPG)Gebäude (Brandwand), 2007
Concrete, chicken wire, polystyrene hard foam
43 x 58 x 57 cm
Munich, stairway
(c) Isa Melsheimer; photo: Mediaclash, Vienna

The work of Isa Melsheimer (*1968 Neuss, DE) explores places and architecture in a variety of media, often combining and re-contextualising unsophisticated material. Her installations, in which she encircles spaces in lengths of taut thread, are as likely to feature concrete, plants, yarn and textiles as they are to use wood, metal or a mattress and always evolve into commentaries on our everyday reality, as well as on architectural and social utopias, and dystopia. Gebäude (Brandwand) [Building (firewall)] visibly comprises nothing more than a concrete block, which appears to be lying randomly on the ground. The shape of the cuboid is unusual. There are protruding corners and edges, possibly representing rooms in an imaginary house. Hovering somewhere between solidity and hollowness, Gebäude (Brandwand) has the appearance of a random building block left lying around – or an architectural site.

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