Yoshiuki Miura

Miura (JPG)Schwingung des Raums, 2002
granite splinters, steel cables
500 x 560 x 250 cm
The Hague, auditorium
(c) Yoshiuki Miura; photo: Jörg Koopmann

The installation Schwingung des Raums [Vibration of Space] by Yoshiyuki Miura (*1958 Fukuoka, JP) is one of the key works in The Hague and was commissioned for the site's largest conference room. The work is as immense as it is delicate, its thousands of bits of granite hanging by nylon threads from the ceiling in the shape of a downward-pointing cone, its shadow play a spectacle. Despite its size Schwingung des Raums appears fragile and has a transient air - almost as if it were a study for a sculpture whose constituent parts have not yet quite combined in the shape intended. The work also evokes, in ornamental form, the crowd phenomenon that occurs both in nature, for instance in shoals of fish, and in large gatherings of people, where the individual becomes part of a new collective entity. The piece thus also works as a symbol of the venue for which it was designed and in which it is displayed: a conference room with the purpose of uniting people from different nations, contexts and cultures to form a polyphonic chorus that develops through communication.

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