Jeremy Moon

Moon (JPG)Untitled, 1965
Acrylic, canvas
195,5 x 170 cm
(c) Jeremy Moon; photo: courtesy of Rocket Gallery, London

Form and colour enter into an effective alliance in the works of Jeremy Moon (*1934 Cheshire, GB † 1973 GB). His pictogram-like indicators radiate a great sense of vitality and can be perceived as both objects and pictures. Spurred on by the artistic debate of the time, Moon's initial forays into shaped canvas began at a time when many of his fellow artists were also engaging with the possibilities of geometric abstraction. The artist, who died suddenly at a very young age, has just recently been rediscovered. In addition to the work displayed, the EPO owns another Moon piece dating from 1967. Both works are experiments in format and explore the object-like character of a canvas. They also represent a new departure, an artistic quest for new forms of painting, also witnessed in the works of Bridget Riley or Victor Vasarely.

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