Yves Oppenheim

Oppenheim (JPG)Untitled, 2007
Acrylic, vinyl, canvas
160 x 240 cm
(c) Yves Oppenheim; courtesy of Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin

Raised in Madagascar, the Paris-based artist Yves Oppenheim (*1948 Antananarivo, MG) is fascinated by the power of colour, the question of what colour is capable of expressing, how we perceive it and how it can be used to give spaces a style of their own. Oppenheim uses a computer to design his untitled paintings, superimposing and juxtaposing colour fields until he obtains the desired effect. Once the conceptual part of the process is complete, he projects the work onto a surface and transfers the play of colours. The intensity of colour in his works is strong, with the paintings appearing back-lit. This impression is intensified by the overlaid forms, which give rise to new hues at the intersections and evoke the repertoire of symbols used by others such as Henri Matisse. Oppenheim’s work is also strongly influenced by the hard-edge and colour-field painting styles of 1960s American artists such as Frank Stella and Barnett Newman.

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