Adrian Schiess

Schiess (JPG)Malerei, 2005
Paint, polyester foil
200 x 500 cm
Munich, foyer
(c) Adrian Schiess; photo: Jörg Koopmann

Malerei [Painting] is the simple title of this bright neon-coloured ground-lying work by Adrian Schiess (* 1959 Zurich, CH). Schiess is fascinated by the potential inherent in painting when it stops being used to represent views as through virtually framed by window. To avoid any impression of depth, even in abstraction, Schiess works with the ground, laying his works on it. Malerei belongs the artist's series of "flat works".

The effect of this bright, monochrome colour field, glossy and reflective, is intensified by its wave-like surface which reflects its surroundings. The hand of the individual artist is supplanted by the perfection of the industrial surface. Nothing impedes perception of the surface and the colour. The numerous reflections and refractions are part of the work; indeed, for Schiess, the area surrounding Malerei, including the viewer and the work's selected position, are genuine components of the piece.

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