Esther Stocker

Stocker (JPG)Untitled, 2003
Acrylic on canvas
140 x 160 cm
(c) Esther Stocker; photo: Gilles van Niel

This rigorously geometric, mostly black and white piece by Esther Stocker (*1974 Schlanders, IT) references with great clarity the history of constructivism as well as the grid structures of contemporary imaging methods. Over and over, the artist smashes the rigidity of such systems, shattering their uniformity and jarring the viewer's gaze. Stocker's works engage with questions of perception and thus correspond to other pieces in the EPO collection by such artists as Bridget Riley, Philippe Decrauzat or Nicolas Chardon. Stocker uses surfaces such as panel paintings, walls or towers as well as three-dimensional spaces to present her repertoire of lines and angular shapes. The work that belongs to the EPO collection is typical of her style. As you stare at this piece complex patterns automatically form and shapes reminiscent of floor plans and spatial differences emerge - and just like the marks deliberately left by the artist's hand, they serve to destroy the impression of uniformity.

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