Ekrem Yalcindag

Yalcindag (JPG)320 mal Rot, 2003
Oil, canvas
55 x 55 cm
(c) Ekrem Yalcindag; courtesy of Galerie Karl Pfefferle, Munich

Ekrem Yalcindag (*1964 Gölbasi, TR) works with a large hand-picked stock of shapes comprising flowers, leaves and linear forms. He reuses these shapes over and over to create new combinations painted in oil and applied stripe by stripe using an impasto technique. This ornamental idiom is not the only side of his work that calls to mind the arabesques and decorative systems of Islamic art. The relief structure that draws attention to the contours of the shapes is also evocative of artistic practice in Yalcindag's native Islamic culture. Yalcindag's work also strongly alludes to the geometric abstraction of Western art. Thus, the artist merges influences from different traditions in a repertoire of forms and picture-making techniques that is solely his, and that bears witness to his personal biography, artistic processes and a vast range of contemporary influences.

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