Budget and Finance Committee

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The Budget and Finance Committee of the Administrative Council is set up under Article 3 of the Financial Regulations of the European Patent Organisation.

It is composed of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, member states of the EPC, the European Patent Office and observers, as follows

Chairman / Deputy Chairman

Mr Serafeim STASINOS, Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committe(GR)

Deputy Chairman
M. Lex KAUFHOLD, Conseiller de direction 1ère classe, Chargé de direction, Office de la propriété intellectuelle, Ministère de l’Economie et du Commerce extérieur (LU)


  1. Representatives of the member states
  2. President of the Office supported by EPO staff


  1. Board of Auditors
  2. Staff Committee
  3. epi


Yves GRANDJEAN, Directeur, Secrétariat du Conseil d’administration
E-mail: council_secretary@epo.org

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