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Invitation to a Suppliers’ Open Day on 19 October in Rijswijk

The European Patent Office (EPO) is currently constructing a new main office building (“New Main”) in Rijswijk. It is one of the largest office construction projects underway in the Netherlands today. When completed in early 2018, it will provide a flexible working environment of 80 000 square meters for some 1 850 staff of the EPO’s site in The Hague. The project is expected to terminate in 2019 with the demolition of the old tower.

Companies interested in bidding for EPO tenders on this project, which will be published from late 2016 onwards are invited to attend the:

Suppliers’ Open Day on 19 October 2016 in the EPO’s Conference Centre on Van Benthemlaan in Rijswijk

The outline of this morning-event is planned as follows:

08.45 to 09.30 hrs

Arrival, registration and coffee

09.30 to 10.15 hrs

Plenary introduction

10.15 to 10.45 hrs

Light snack, move to workshops

10.45 to 12.15 hrs

Parallel workshops:

  • Doing business with the EPO - The EPO's procurement regulations and documents and their match with the market
  • Tender-pipeline hard FM (time-lines, strategy in the context of New Main, civil and technical maintenance, refurbishment, painting, ..., plus Q&A)
  • Tender-pipeline soft FM (time-lines, people-oriented, e.g. gardening, messenger services, ..., plus Q&A)

12.15 to 12.30 hrs

Coffee, re-convening in plenum

12.30 to 12.45 hrs

Open Day closure and outlook

The event language will be English for any EPO-run presentations. As we are interested in the input of the market-parties, participants' contributions can be in English as well as Dutch, whichever produces the most dynamic discussions.

Any presentations given during the event as well as workshop summaries will be available as proceedings on the event home-page about a week later.

Should you have further questions regarding this event, please address them to

Services required

Making the new building fit for daily operation, upgrading and connecting two neighbouring buildings and handing two leased buildings back to their owners will entail many business opportunities. The main areas that still need to be provided for, and will be put to open tender, are as follows:

  •   the maintenance of the building itself and of its technical installation, and the cleaning and maintenance of its impressive glass façade;
  •   the connection of existing buildings to New Main with kitchen renovation and restaurant expansion;
  •   the refurbishment of vacated buildings for re-use and the upgrading of safety installations
  •   the provision of specialised furniture (standard office furniture tenders are already underway);
  •   the installation or upgrading of technical systems for safety, fire safety, security, audio/video and CCTV equipment; and
  •   the usage of rented space for business services for occupants of EPO buildings.

Find out more about our tenders

The EPO is an independent intergovernmental organisation, which strictly follows the procurement rules laid out in our Financial Regulations and implementing provisions. At this event on 19 October, we will provide an overview of the tenders related to the New Main building project, and of the timeline. And we would like to hear from companies what their expectations are of the EPO when we take opportunities to market. For general information about EPO tenders, you can also visit

About the EPO

The European Patent Office is the largest international organization in the Netherlands with nearly 2 700 employees, the majority of them highly-qualified engineers and scientists working as patent examiners in all fields of technology. They are currently accommodated in several buildings in the Plaspoelpolder. The present Main Building dates back to the late 1970s and has reached the end of its useful life.

EPO's impact on the local economy

The EPO contributes significantly to the Dutch economy. The EPO's presence in The Hague adds more than EUR 560 million per year to the Dutch economy and generates some 5 500 jobs. As a result, 8.5% of all jobs in Rijswijk alone are directly or indirectly related to the EPO. The construction of a new main building for the EPO's site in The Hague will bring further economic benefits to the region.

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