Annex V
The requirements of the contracting states regarding translations of European patent specifications 
Under Article 65(1) EPC, any contracting state may prescribe that if the text in which the European Patent Office intends to grant a European patent or limit or maintain a European patent as amended for that state is not drawn up in one of its official languages, the applicant for or proprietor of the patent must supply its central industrial property office with a translation of this text in one of its official languages at his option or, where that state has prescribed the use of one specific official language, in that language.
Requirements of the contracting states 
The legal position in the contracting states is given in "National law relating to the EPC" (see point 4), Table IV (see
Note: all those states which require a translation of the European patent specification have prescribed that, in the event of failure to observe the relevant national provisions, the European patent will be deemed to be void ab initio. 

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