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Guide for applicants, Part 1: How to get a European patent

European Patent Register and European Patent Bulletin
The EPO offers access to the Online European Patent Register. Users of the European patent system can go to www.epo.org to look up procedural data on European patents and patent applications.
OJ 2001, 249
OJ 2003, 23, 69
OJ 2009, 598
The Online Register provides bibliographic data together with procedural data from the date of publication to the grant of the patent, plus any data concerning opposition and appeal proceedings.  
Internet access to the Online Register is free of charge. 
The data in the European Patent Register is published weekly in the European Patent Bulletin, where the bibliographic data relating to published European patent applications and granted European patents is arranged according to a number of reference criteria, including  
the International Patent Classification, 
European publication numbers, 
names of applicants/proprietors. 
The European Patent Bulletin is available online at