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Guide for applicants, Part 1: How to get a European patent

States for which European patent applications may be filed
When filing a European patent application all the contracting states for which the EPC has already entered into force on the date of filing are deemed to be designated (see point 5 for the list of contracting states).
Switzerland and Liechtenstein may only be designated jointly. 
OJ 1980, 407
In addition, European patent applications and patents may be extended to a number of states not party to the EPC, these at present being Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro (see point 26). References in this Guide to the designation of contracting states apply also to extension to non-contracting states, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Even though all the contracting states are deemed to be designated upon filing of the application you must subsequently confirm the designations by paying the appropriate fee, which covers the designation of all contracting states, unless you have expressly withdrawn individual designations.  
As to the extension states, all the extensions are deemed to be requested in the request for grant form, but you need to confirm the request for extension by paying the extension fee for each state to which you wish to extend protection.