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Date of filing
The date of filing accorded to applications filed in electronic form (using the EPO Online Filing software, the EPO case management system (CMS) or the EPO web-form filing service) or sent by post or fax is the date on which the application documents are received at the EPO, provided the documents comply with the requirements of Article 80 and Rule 40 (see point 136).
OJ 2007, Special edition No. 3, A.3
Where applications are filed in person at the EPO, the corresponding date is the date on which they are handed in or posted in one of the EPO's automated mailboxes, which are available in Munich (PschorrHöfe building only, Zollstrasse) and Berlin. 
OJ 1992, 306,
The above rules similarly apply to applications filed with the competent national authorities of the contracting states. 

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