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Guide for applicants, Part 1: How to get a European patent

Acknowledgement of receipt
The authority with which you file your application acknowledges receipt without delay by sending you page 8 of the request for grant, on which it notes the date it received the application documents and the number of the application. 
OJ 2009, 182
OJ 1992, 306, 310
If you file online, receipt is acknowledged electronically during the submission session. If you file on CD-R, DVD-R or DVD+R, receipt is acknowledged by post. 
On request, the EPO will also issue fax acknowledgement that it has received your documents, provided that: 
you enclose the request for fax acknowledgement with your documents  
you indicate the postal or fax address to which the acknowledgement is to be sent, and  
you provide evidence of payment of the prescribed administrative fee (see Annex VII) or enclose a debit order.