Where and how to file
After you have filed a European patent application, you may file other documents as referred to in Rule 50 EPC with the EPO in Munich, The Hague or Berlin, either electronically (via Online Filing, new online filing (CMS) or web-form filing) or , using the EPO's Online Filing software, by handthe EPO case management system (CMS) or by post.the EPO web-form filing serviceby hand or by postal services. For subsequently filed documents, you are recommended to use the electronic filing tools. The EPO provides forms which serve either as a prepared acknowledgement of receipt (Form 1037) or as a letter accompanying subsequently filed documents (Form 1038).
You may also file documents (other than authorisations and priority documents) by fax. Documents may not be filed by e-mail, on diskette, or by teletex, telegram, telex or similar means. 
OJ 2012, 348
If you filed the application with a national authority, you may likewise file all other documents relating to the application with that authority, subject to any restrictions under national law, but only until the date on which you receive notification that the EPO has received your application. Once you have received this notification, you must file any documents with the EPO directly. 
Subsequently filed documents replacing parts of the European patent application, i.e. the description, claims, drawings and the abstract, must also meet the formal requirements of Rule 49; hence handwritten amendments are considered formally deficient and need to be filed in typed form.
OJ 2013, 603

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