Fax filing
An international application may, together with further documents other than authorisations and priority documents, be filed by fax with the EPO as receiving Office. The fax numbers are provided in Annex V, point 3.
OJ 2007, Spec.Ed.3, A.2, A.3
OJ 2008, 16
OJ 2010, 642
If an international application is filed by fax, the date on which the facsimile application documents are received in full at the EPO is accorded as the date of receipt of the application. Each of the EPO filing offices is based in the Central European Time zone (CET). 
If an international application is filed by fax, the original, i.e. the confirmation copy, is to be filed simultaneously, and the fax should state that the confirmation copy has been filed separately on paper at the same time (see point 66).
OJ 2007, Spec.Ed.3, A.3
OJ 2010, 642
Further, on the first sheet of the PCT request form filed as confirmation copy it should be indicated that the international application has previously been filed by fax, in the form of the words "CONFIRMATION COPY" followed by the date of fax transmission. 
If the confirmation copy is not submitted in due time, the applicant will be invited to submit it. If the confirmation copy is not received after expiry of the time limit set in this invitation, the application will be considered withdrawn (see point 424425).

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