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Guide for applicants, Part 2: PCT procedure before the EPO (Euro-PCT Guide)

Online filing
For online filing with the EPO as receiving Office, the EPO’s Online Filing software or the PCT-SAFE software, provided by the IB, may be used. The software allows applicants to fill in the PCT request form (Form PCT/RO/101) directly in the electronic document formats that are accepted by the EPO as receiving Office. 
Part 7, Annex F AI 
The EPO's Online Filing software and the required smart card are free of charge. More information is available from the EPO Online Services on the EPO website[ 15 ].
Information on the PCT-SAFE software is available on the WIPO website[ 16 ].
If an international application is filed online with the EPO as receiving Office, the receipt of documents is acknowledged electronically by the EPO during the submission session. The acknowledgement includes the identity of the receiving Office, i.e. the EPO, the date and time of receipt, a reference or application number allocated by the EPO, a list of the files transmitted and a message digest, i.e. the message in compressed form.