Two or more applicants - common agent and common representative
If there are two or more applicants, a professional representative (see point 97) may be appointed as "common agent" (see point 37).
Moreover, if the application is filed by two or more applicants file the application, they may also appoint one of their numberthem as "common representative" (see point 37). If no common agent or common representative is appointed, the applicant first named in the PCT request form who is entitled to file an application with the EPO as receiving Office is considered to be the common representative ("deemed common representative") (see point 38).
If no common agent is appointed, any correspondence is sent to the address of the (deemed) common representative. If the latter has appointed an agent, it is sent to the address of the agent of the (deemed) common representative. A different address may be provided as address for correspondence only if certain requirements are met (see point 107).

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