Applications disclosing nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences
If the international application discloses one or more nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences, it must contain a sequence listing, which is to be drawn up in compliance with the standard (WIPO Standard ST.25) prescribed in Annex C of the Administrative Instructions under the PCT and published on the WIPO website. The sequence listing must comply with the version of WIPO Standard ST.25 which is applicable on the date on which the sequence listing is submitted[ 22 ].
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Annex C AI 
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Any sequence listing not contained in the international application as filed will - if not allowable as an amendment under Article 34 PCT (see points 358 ff) - not form part of the international application.
Tables related to sequence listings must be included as an integral part of the description in the same format as the remainder of the application. Any pages of tables relating to sequence listings count as regular pages of the description for which full page fees are payable (see point 172).
The EPO accepts sequence listings filed on electronic media as specified by the EPO (see point 87).
If an international application is filed in electronic form, a sequence listing forming part of such application and filed in text format in compliance with Annex C is not taken into account for calculating the (page fee part of the) international filing fee (see point 172) and there will be no need to file a second copy for the purposes of international search and, where applicable, international preliminary examination (see points 259, 389).
If any other option for filing a sequence listing is chosen - e.g. filing on paper or in image format - the sum of the page fee part of the international filing fee is calculated taking into account each page of the sequence listing. Further, if the EPO acts as ISA, SISA and/or IPEA a sequence listing in electronic form in text format in compliance with Annex C must be furnished (see points 259 ff).
OJ 2011, 372
OJ 2013, 542

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