For fee payments to be made during the international phase applicants are recommended to consult the latest information available on both the EPO and the WIPO websites. Furthermore, guidance for the payment of fees, expenses and prices is provided in each issue of the Official Journal. 
WIPO PCT Guide 5.184-5.199 
Fee payments to the EPO may be validly made by anyone: applicants, representatives and any other person. 
For international applications the following fees are payable direct to the EPO as receiving Office: 
the transmittal fee, 
the international filing fee, and 
the international search fee. 
The transmittal, international filing and search fees are payable within one month of receipt of the international application.
If the application contains more than 30 pages, the international filing fee is increased, with a fixed sum to be paid for each page in excess of 30 pages. This extra fee is considered part of the international filing fee and must be paid by the applicant together with the (basic) filing fee. The applicant must compute the extra amount himself and not wait for a communication, because as from expiry of the one month time limit the missing amount may only be validly paid together with a late payment fee (see point 187).
If the application contains a sequence listing as part of the description, the pages forming that part are not taken into account for calculating the page fee if all requirements are met (see point 159).

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