Payment methods
All fees which are to be paid to the EPO must be paid in euros by payment or transfer to a bank account held by the EPO. For persons having a deposit account with the EPO payment may be made by debit order. A debit order can also be submitted in electronic form via the EPO's Online Fee Payment portal. However, the automaticAutomatic debiting facilities are not yetexpected to be available for any fee payments to the EPO as receiving Office, ISA and IPEA. Furthermore, payment as from 1 April 2015. Payment of fees by credit card is not yet possible, and payment by cheque was abolished by the EPO in 2008. Each issue of the Official Journal provides guidance for the payment of fees.
OJ 2007, 626
OJ 3/2009, Supplement
The equivalent amount in euros of any fee set in Swiss francs by WIPO is from time to time amended. Actual fee rates are published in the Official Journal, the Official Notices (PCT Gazette) and the PCT Newsletter (see points 11 ff).
The date to be considered as the date on which a payment is made is established in accordance with the EPO's Rules relating to Fees.

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