Specification by the receiving Office
The EPO can act as ISA only on condition that the receiving Office where the application was filed has specified the EPO as ISA. 
Since most receiving Offices have specified the EPO, only states that had not (yet) specified the EPO as ISA (and IPEA) on 1 January 20162017 are mentioned here: United Arab Emirates (AE), Antigua and Barbuda (AG), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), China (CN), Dominica (DM), Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN), Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (KP), Republic of Korea (KR), and Papua New Guinea (PG) and Iran (Islamic Republic of) (IR). Up-to-date information is available on the WIPO website (see point 14).
If the IB is acting as receiving Office, the EPO is competent as ISA/IPEA if the international application could have been filed with a receiving Office which had specified the EPO as ISA/IPEA at the date of filing. 
Agreement EPO-WIPO, Art. 3(3) 
OJ 2010, 304

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