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Guide for applicants, Part 2: PCT procedure before the EPO (Euro-PCT Guide)

Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) based on an IPER established by the EPO as IPEA
The PPH enables an applicant whose claims have been determined to be patentable/allowable to have a corresponding application that has been filed with a PPH partner office processed in an accelerated manner while at the same time allowing the offices involved to exploit available work results. 
OJ 2012, 32
OJ 2012, 89
Under the PCT-PPH pilot programme, a PPH request filed with the JPO and the USPTO can also be based on an IPER established by the EPO as IPEA. In early 2014 the PCT-PPH programme will be revised. For more information reference is made to points 247 ff.
PCT Newsletter 10/2013, 2 
Irrespective of the PPH pilot programme any applicant may request accelerated examination under the PACE programme in the procedure before the EPO as elected Office at any time. For more information on the PACE programme reference is made to chapter E (see points 447 ff).
OJ 2010, 352