How to extend or validate the Euro-PCT application (Form 1200, Section 11)
Under certain conditions a European patent may be extended to or validated in states which are not EPC contracting states on the international filing date but have concluded an extension or validation agreement with the EPO to that effect. 
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Extension or validation of a European patent is possible only if the state concerned was designated in the international application for a national patent and an extension or validation agreement with the EPO was in force at the international filing date (see point 121).
Extension or validation is deemed requested for any international application entering the European phase in respect of any state designated in the application with which an extension or validation agreement was in force at the international filing date. However, such request is deemed to be withdrawn in respect of each extension or validation state for which no extension or validation fee is paid in due time. The applicant must, therefore, carefully check for which states extension or validation is possible and pay the required fees in due time (see point 129).
Pursuant to the extension and validation agreements, an extension or validation fee must be paid within the same time limit as applies for payment of the designation fee (see point 549550). There is no flat extension or validation fee.
In Form 1200, Section 11, the applicant may indicate for which states he intends to pay (an) extension or validation fee(s). However, the request for extension or validation is deemed to be withdrawn if the extension or validation fee for a state is not paid in due time. In addition to the boxes provided for the states with which an extension agreement was in force on 1 January 20162017 – i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) and Montenegro (ME) – and those with which a validation agreement was in force on 1 January 20162017 – i.e. Morocco (MA) and the Republic of Moldova (MD) – further states may be indicated on condition that an extension or validation agreement with that state was in force at the filing date of the international application.
Upon payment, the applicant must specify the extension or validation states for which payment is actually made and in particular if the payment does not correspond to the indications provided in Form 1200, Section 11., preferably by indicating the correct fee code which is assigned to each individual extension and validation state.[ 31 ]
See supplementary publication 2, OJ EPO 2016, "Miscellaneous fees" and "Description of fee codes".

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