Reduction of the examination fee
According to Rule 6(4) EPC, the examination fee is reduced by 30% for small and medium-sized enterprises, natural persons, non-profit organisations, universities or public research organisations that have their residence or principal place of business in an EPC contracting state having an official language other than English, French or German, and nationals of such states who are resident abroad, provided that they make the declaration under Rule 6(4) EPC and that the request for examination is made in the official language of that EPC contracting state ("admissible non-EPO language"). The declaration under Rule 6(4) EPC can be made by checking the corresponding box in section 4.1 of Form 1200. Applicants having their residence or principal place of business within such a contracting state but not complying with the definition under Rule 6(4) EPC may still file documents in an admissible non-EPO language, but will not qualify for a fee reduction.

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