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Guide for applicants, Part 2: PCT procedure before the EPO (Euro-PCT Guide)

Renewal fee
The renewal fees for a pending Euro-PCT application must be paid to the EPO. These fees are due in respect of the third and each subsequent year, calculated from the date of filing of the Euro-PCT application as accorded by the receiving Office. They may not be paid more than three months before they fall due. 
The renewal fee for the third year can always be validly paid until thefalls due date underaccording to Rule 51(1) EPC. If, however, according to Rule 51(1) EPC the renewal fee for the third year fell due within the 31-month time limit for entry into the European phase, the due date is deferred and the fee may be paid without surcharge up to expiry of the 31-month time limit. In that case the grace period of six months within which the renewal fee can still be validly paid, subject to payment of a 50% additional fee, is computed from the date of expiry of the 31-month time limit.