Claims fees
If the application documents on which the European grant procedure is to be based contain more than fifteen claims, a claims fee is payable within the 31-month period in respect of the sixteenth and each subsequent claim, and a higher claims fee is payable in respect of the 51st and each subsequent claim. 
The claims fees must be calculated on the basis of the number of claims contained in the application in the version that is, in accordance with the indications in Form 1200, to be taken as the basis for processing in the European phase (see point 504505). However, where the number of claims changes as a consequence of a later (further) amendment filed before expiry of the time limit set in the Rule 161/162 communication, thatthe number is to of claims fees due must be used ascomputed on the basis for calculating the amount of the claims fees to be paid.on file upon expiry of the six-month period set in the Rule 161/162 communication sets a six-month time limit for payment of any claims fees not yet paid (see point 505506). For further information, please refer to the examples given in OJ 2016, A103, points 3.1 and 3.2.
If the applicant has already paid claims fees within the 31-month period, any claims fees paid in excess of those due, taking into account any amendment made thereafter butand the number of claims is reduced as a result of amendments filed within the six-month time limit set in the Rule 161/162 communication, any claims fees paid in excess of those due will be refunded after expiry of that time limit EPC (see point 507508).

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