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Guide for applicants, Part 2: PCT procedure before the EPO (Euro-PCT Guide)

How to get
a European patent 
Guide for applicants 
Part 2 
PCT procedure before the EPO 
"Euro-PCT Guide" 
7th edition
Updated until 1 January 2014
Terms and abbreviations
The international and European phases of a PCT application
Timeline for international applications
Criteria chosen by the EPO as ISA/IPEA on specific points in the ISPE Guidelines
Filing offices of the EPO (OJ 2007, Spec. Ed. 3, A.2; OJ 2013, 442)
Form PCT/RO/101 Request and Notes
Form PCT/RO/101 Fee Calculation Sheet and Notes
EPO Form 1003 Authorisation
Form PCT/IPEA/401 Demand and Notes
Form PCT/IPEA/401 Fee Calculation Sheet and Notes
Form for entry into the European phase (EPO Form 1200) and Notes
EPO Form 1010 Payment of fees and expenses