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How can I become an administrator?

Administrators are not selected by the EPO.

If you are the first person from your company to log in you will see a message indicating that your company does not yet have an administrator and asking if you would like to become the company administrator. If you accept, this message will not appear for anyone else in your company. It is then up to you to nominate other administrators within your company.

If you do not want to become an administrator, this message will continue to appear for all smart card holders in your company until someone accepts it.

What do administrators do?

Administrators can:

  • nominate other administrators
  • turn the company Mailbox on and off
  • give other users access to the company Mailbox
  • provide the EPO with a list of registered representatives wishing to receive communications via the company Mailbox (associates)
  • set the intervals at which the Mailbox trash is emptied
  • give other users access to viewing the company deposit account, paying fees and viewing the fee payment plan.

What obligations do administrators have vis-à-vis the EPO?

Your company's administrator must inform the EPO of any changes to the list of associates in your company. For example, should an associate no longer wish to receive communications via the company Mailbox, your administrator must inform the EPO and delete that person from the list.

Can administrators revoke their own administrator rights?

Administrators cannot revoke their own administrator rights. This can only be done by another smart card holder who is also an administrator.

Is my company obliged to have an administrator?

No, but if your company wants to have access to Online Fee Payment and the Mailbox service, you will need an administrator in order to be able to assign appropriate access rights.

How can I give other users access rights?

Go to the Administration tab in the portal, then click Users, select the user you wish to edit and click the Edit button at the top. Select the appropriate rights in the next screen and click Save.

What do I do if I want to add an associate?

To add an associate, go to the Administration tab within the portal, click Associates and then Add. Fill in the form and click Save. This will trigger a message to the EPO, where your request will be processed.


What do the grey clock, yellow warning triangle and tick symbols next to associate names mean?

  • Grey clock = your request to add this person to the list of associates is pending with the EPO
  • Yellow triangle = your request could not be approved. Please delete the entry.
  • Tick mark = your request has been approved, and communications addressed to this person can now be sent to the company Mailbox. To set this up, your company's administrator should go to Associates, select the associate, click Edit and indicate that the associate wants to receive communications via the Mailbox. Note: If this is not done, the associate will not be sent any mail via the Mailbox.

What should I do if an associate needs to be removed?

You or your administrator should go to the Administration tab, click Associates, select the associate in question, click Edit and un-tick the option to receive communications. If the name of the associate is to be removed from the list, you should select the associate in question and click Delete.

What should I do if an associate I have added is not approved by the EPO?

As your company's administrator you must delete the associate. If he or she is a professional representative who should have access, then you must repeat the "add associate" procedure. Alternatively, you can contact us to find out what went wrong with the first entry.

Why do I only see the schedule of fees when I open Online Fee Payment?

Your administrator has not granted you access to Online Fee Payment.

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