CMS 1.6b - release notes

The CMS version 1.6B contains:

  • New features and functional changes related to amendments to the EPC's Implementing Regulations as of 1 April 2014
    • EP and PCT fee adjustments
    • changes to the procedure for divisional applications (Rule 36 EPC)
    • changes to the filing of translations and reduction of fees under Rule 6 EPC:
      30% reduction in all filing fees for applications filed in an admissible non-EPO language and 30% reduction in the examination fee for requests for examination filed in an admissible non-EPO language (both applicable only to entities or natural persons making a declaration under Rule6(6) EPC);
    • introduction of a deferred payment date which allows users to have debit orders executed up to 40 days after their submission date
    •  implementation of the 90% fee reduction in certain PCT fees for applicants from low-income countries
    •  implementation of the PCT rule for specific dependencies of the following EPC countries: Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
    • implementation of system messages to alert CMS users to important information from the EPO
  • Functional adaptations and arrangements
    • updated list of biological material depositary institutions
    • updated list of EPO bank accounts
    • F1001 and F1200 adapted to allow the addition of future validation states
    • updated list of PCT designated states
    • updated list of countries
    • update on requirements for Annex F-compliant documents in line with the EPO's Online Filing client software
  • Minor technical corrections and fixes


Applications which are in Draft or Signed status when the new version 1.6B is implemented will be automatically set to a temporary Revise status. Please check any such applications before submitting them, since some of the content may have been updated due to the above-mentioned changes.

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