How to use the advanced search interface for board of appeal decisions

In addition to full text search, the advanced search interface provides fields that allow you to restrict your search. This consists of three parts:

  1. A full text search field, which works in the same way as its equivalent in the basic search interface: see "Help" for "Basic search"
  2. Additional fields for searching metadata, which will be combined with the full text search field using the BOOLEAN operator AND
  3. Checkboxes that limit your search to a defined subset of documents


Wherever appropriate, we have included tooltips to explain how to use a search field or a checkbox. Just hover your mouse over the "i". For example the tooltip for the search field "Case number" looks like this:

tooltip example Case type

Search term examples

An example of the expected syntax is shown above the search field, on the right. The search engine is not case sensitive (i.e. it does not distinguish between lower case h and upper case H). The following example shows how an IPC code should be entered:

IPC search term syntax

Language issues

The collection contains documents in three languages: English, French and German. The search engine is tolerant regarding the use of diacritics. For example, it will accept "Partikelgroesse" and find documents with "Partikelgröße". Similarly, the search term "tete" will find documents containing "tête". The following table shows which diacritics can be replaced by which characters:

 Diacritics  Replacement characters
 ß  ss
 ä  ae
 à  a
 á  a
 â  a
 ç  c
 é  e
 è  e
 ë  e
 ê  e
 î  i
 ï  i
 ö  oe
 ô  o
 ü  ue
 û  u

You may get a better search service (for example, suggestions for other search terms) if you use the French search interface for French terms, the German search interface for German terms and the English search interface for English terms. You can switch interfaces by using the links "Deutsch English Français" at the top right of the page.

Limiting a search to technical boards

To restrict your search to specific technical boards, click on the expand icon (see screenshot below) and select the boards you are interested in.

selected boards

Using the Clear function to start a new search

This search application locally stores your search criteria so that you can refine your searches at any time. Whenever you would like to start a new search with new search criteria, you can clear your local storage by clicking on "Clear". 

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