Case law from the EPC contracting states (2004-2011)

Special edition 3, Official Journal 2011

"Case Law from the Contracting States" contains summaries of interesting decisions handed down by the courts of the EPO member states between 2004 and 2011, providing a valuable overview of European national case law on substantive patent law.

Content description

This special edition of the Official Journal is the successor to the European National Patent Decisions Report (2004), which was the first compilation by the Legal Research Service of the EPO boards of appeal of summaries of interesting patent decisions handed down by the courts of the EPC contracting states.

The present report contains summaries of selected decisions from 14 different member states, covering the years 2004 to 2011 and arranged by topic, country and date. The selection was mainly based on the relevance of the decisions to important aspects of substantive patent law, and aims to provide a balanced overview of cases both in terms of content and reference period. Also included are national decisions which discuss the approach of the EPO or make significant reference to the case law of the boards of appeal. A separate chapter dealing with European patents subject to litigation in multiple jurisdictions maps the outcomes of parallel proceedings concerning the same European patent.

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