Legal texts

The official source of up-to-date legal texts from the European Patent Office (EPO).

European Patent Convention (EPC)

The European Patent Convention provides an autonomous legal system for the granting of European patents via a single, harmonised procedure before the EPO.

Guidelines for examination

Covering the main aspects of the patent grant procedure: formalities, search, substantive examination, opposition and general procedural matters.

London Agreement

The London Agreement (Article 65 EPC) is aimed at reducing translation costs for European patents.

Official Journal

The Official Journal contains general notices and information issued by the EPO and its President, as well as other information relevant to the EPC or its implementation.

National law relating to the EPC

A concise and reliable guide to the most important provisions and requirements of EPO contracting and extension states' national law as applicable to European patent applications and patents.

Handbook of quality procedures before the EPO

The Handbook aims to provide a guide to preferred practices endorsed by both the EPO and user representatives. It is meant to serve as complementary publication to the existing legal texts.


Archived legal texts, and information about revisions and updates.

Searching in EPO legal texts

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