5. General Index
Abandonment of subject matter in examination procedure, IV.B.3.7
Non-payment of claims fees, IV.B.3.7.2
Absence of duly represented party - postponement of oral proceedings, III.C.4.1.3.h
Absolute conviction, I.C.2.4
Abuse of procedure - equity of a different apportionment of costs, IV.C.7.2.3
Abuse of procedure and late submission, IV.C.1.4.6.a
Abusive conduct - evidence, III.G.4.3.5
Acceleration of proceedings - infringement proceedings pending, IV.D.6
Accidental disclosure, I.C.3.10
Addition of details - amendments, II.E.1.6.3
Addition or deletion of a feature - technical contribution, II.E.1.3
Additional search - amended claims, IV.E.4.4.7
Additional searches during examination, IV.B.4
Incomplete search, IV.B.4.1
Non-payment of further search fees, IV.B.4.2
Adjournment of oral proceedings and late submission, IV.C.1.4.2
~ Agreements concluded by the European Patent Office, VII.4
~ Council - boards of appeal, III.H.4
~ notice with no legal consequences - legitimate expectations, III.A.1.2.5
Admissibility of 
~ evidence, III.G.2
Expert opinions, III.G.2.2
Statutory declarations, III.G.2.3
Sworn statements, III.G.2.3
Witness testimonies, III.G.2.2
~ intervention, IV.C.3.1
Fees for intervention, IV.C.3.1.6
Intervention in appeal proceedings, IV.C.3.1.4.b
Intervention in opposition proceedings, IV.C.3.1.4.a
National infringement proceedings, IV.C.3.1.3
Third party, IV.C.3.1.1
Time limit for intervention, IV.C.3.1.5
~ opposition, IV.D.2, IV.D.3.4
Appeal procedure - ~, IV.E.3.2.1.a
Entitlement to file an opposition, IV.D.2.1
Identity of the opponent, IV.D.2.2.2
Opposition fee, IV.D.2.2.4
Substantiation of opposition, IV.D.3.4
Title of the invention, IV.D.2.2.3
~ requests, III.I.2
Requests of equal ranking, III.I.2.2
~ requests for re-establishment of rights, III.E.3
Correction of deficiencies, III.E.3.5
Inability to observe time limits, III.E.3.2
Omitted act, III.E.3.3
Substantiation of request for re-establishment of rights, III.E.3.4
Time limits for filing a request for re-establishment of rights, III.E.3.1
~ the appeal, IV.E.2
Admissibility of appeal to be checked in every phase of appeal proceedings, IV.E.2.7
Appealable decisions, IV.E.2.2
Board competent to hear a case, IV.E.2.3
Entitlement to appeal, IV.E.2.4
Form of appeal, IV.E.2.5
Interlocutory revision, IV.E.2.9
Statement of grounds of appeal, IV.E.2.6
Time limit of appeal, IV.E.2.5
Advertising - Code of Professional Conduct, V.4.3
Aesthetic creations, I.A.2.3
Age of documents, I.D.10.3
Alleged advantages - inventive step, I.D.4.2
Allowability of the appeal - reimbursement of appeal fees, IV.E.8.2
Alternative solution to a known problem - inventive step, I.D.4.5
Amended claims 
~.description, II.A.5.3
~ in appeal proceedings, IV.E.4
Additional search, IV.E.4.4.7
Amended claims after arrangement of the oral proceedings, IV.E.4.2.2
Amended claims filed during the oral proceedings, IV.E.4.2.3
Clear allowability of amended claims, IV.E.4.4.2
Converging or diverging versions of claims, IV.E.4.4.4
Dependent claims, IV.E.4.4.8
Discretion to admit amended claims, IV.E.4.4.5
Number of auxiliary requests, IV.E.4.4.9
Reinstating broader claims in appeal proceedings, IV.E.4.5
Response to objections, IV.E.4.4.3
Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal - ~, IV.E.4.1.2
~ not examined at first instance, IV.E.4.3
Interlocutory revision, IV.E.4.3.3.e
Resubmission of amended claims withdrawn, IV.E.4.3.2.c, IV.E.4.3.3.c
~ without amended description, III.C.3.2
Amendments, II.E
Addition of details, II.E.1.6.3
Addition or deletion of a feature - technical contribution, II.E.1.3
Amendment after approval of the text for grant, IV.B.3.4
~ after the decision to grant, IV.B.3.6
~ filed in response to communication under Rule 71(3) EPC, IV.B.3.3
Claims fees, IV.B.3.3.4
~ in opposition, IV.D.4
Amendments occasioned by national prior rights, IV.D.4.2
Dependent claims - sub-claims, IV.D.4.4.1
Independent claims, IV.D.4.4.2
Scope of examination in the case of amendments - opposition procedure, IV.D.4.5
~ relating to unsearched subject-matter, IV.B.5
Consent to amendments under R. 137(5) EPC, IV.B.5.4
~ to divisional applications, II.F.1.2
Discretion of the examining division, IV.B.2.5.1
~ without affecting unity of invention, IV.B.5.4.1
Change of claim category, II.E.2.4
Correction of errors in documents, II.E.4
Disclaimer, II.E.1.4
Disclosure in drawings, II.E.1.5
Equivalents, II.E.1.1.3
Errors in the disclosure, II.E.1.6.2
Extension of protection, II.E.2.1
Generalisation of a feature, II.E.2.2
Intermediate generalisation, II.E.1.2
Is it essential test, II.E.1.7.2
Novelty test, II.E.1.7.3
Priority, II.D.2.1.2
Relationship between Article 123(2) and Article 123(3) EPC, II.E.3
Tests for assessing the allowability of ~, II.E.1.7
Transposition of features, II.E.2.3
Withdrawal of ~ in examination procedure, IV.B.3.7
Amorphous forms as compared to crystalline forms in chemical inventions, I.D.9.8.5
Analogous use - inventive step, I.D.9.6
Analogy process - inventive step, I.D.9.17
Anonymously filed observations by third parties, III.N.1.4
Antibodies - sufficiency of disclosure, II.C.6.3
Anticipation of certain compounds, I.C.5.1.1
Apparatus constituting a physical entity, I.A.1.4.6
~ and language privilege, III.F.5.4
~ by patentee against revocation, IV.E.3.2.1.c
~ deemed not have been filed - non-payment of appeal fee, IV.E.8.1.2.a
~ filed by wrong company, IV.E.2.4.1.b
~ filed in name of representative, IV.E.2.4.1.a
~ filed within the time limit, IV.E.2.5.3
~ inadmissible - reimbursement of appeal fee, IV.E.8.1.2.c
~ procedure, IV.E
Admissibility of opposition, IV.E.3.2.1.a
Admissibility of appeal, IV.E.2
Amended claims in appeal proceedings, IV.E.4
Arguments under examination in ~, IV.E.3.5
Enlarged Board of Appeal, IV.E.9
Facts under examination with regard to Article 114 EPC, IV.E.3.4
Legal character of ~, IV.E.1
Parallel proceedings, IV.E.5
Reformatio in peius, IV.E.3.1
Reimbursement of appeal fee, IV.E.8
Remittal to the department of first instance, IV.E.7
Requests in ~, III.I.7
Review of first-instance discretionary decisions, IV.E.3.6
Subject-matter under examination, IV.E.3.2
Substantive examination of appeal, IV.E.3
Termination of appeal proceedings, IV.E.6
~ withdrawn - reimbursement of appeal fee, IV.E.8.1.5
Appealable decisions, IV.E.2.2
Appeals against decisions of the boards of appeal, IV.E.2.2.4
Interlocutory decisions, IV.E.2.2.3
Appeals against decisions of the 
~ boards of appeal, IV.E.2.2.4
~ Disciplinary Board of Appeal, V.5
~ Examination Board and the Examination Secretariat, V.2.6
~ by non-entitled persons, III.P
~ giving rise to a right of priority, II.D.1
Applications filed in or for a state which is party to the Paris Convention, II.D.1.1
Exhibition priority, II.D.1.4
Multiple priorities, II.D.1.6
National deposit of industrial design, II.D.1.3
Postdating of the previous application, II.D.1.5
Priority right of the applicant or his successor in title, II.D.1.2
Appointment of a common representative, III.R.3
Apportionable costs, IV.C.7.3.3
Costs fixing, IV.C.7.3.3.b
Future costs, IV.C.7.3.3.a
Apportionment of costs, IV.C.7
Abuse of procedure, IV.C.7.2.3
Apportionable costs, IV.C.7.3.3
Decision on costs inadmissible, IV.C.7.3.4
Equity of a different ~, IV.C.7.2
Late submission of requests, IV.C.7.2.1
Oral proceedings, III.C.5.1
Oral proceedings and equity of a different ~, IV.C.7.2.2
Request for ~, IV.C.7.3.1
Approval of the text by the applicant, IV.B.3.2
Decisions with no text submitted or agreed by the applicant, IV.B.3.2.3
Archival evidence, III.G.4.2.2.c
Arguments under examination in appeal procedure, IV.E.3.5
Ascertaining differences, I.C.4
Distinguishing features, I.C.4.2
Authorisations for appointment of a representative, III.R.4
Filing of the authorisation, III.R.4.1
General authorisations, III.R.4.2
Sub-authorisations, III.R.4.3
Automation - inventive step, I.D.9.18.4
Auxiliary request for oral proceedings, III.C.2.5
Availability of prior art documents, III.G.4.3.3
Availability to the public, I.C.1.9
Biological material, I.C.1.9.7
Conferences, I.C.1.9.8.f
Definition of the public, I.C.1.9.6
Internet, I.C.1.9.4
Lectures, I.C.1.9.5
Making available for test purposes, I.C.1.9.8.e
Novelty, I.C.1.9.9
Obligation to maintain secrecy, I.C.1.9.8
Patents, I.C.1.9.2
Prior use, I.C.1.9.9
Product in writing, I.C.1.9.8.d
Products for presentation purposes, I.C.1.9.8.c
Prospectuses, I.C.1.9.8.a
Public, I.C.1.9.6
Publications, I.C.1.9.1
Utility models, I.C.1.9.2

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